Able to label?

Recordings Under Construction was a record label based in Stockholm, preferably working with those weird and abstract things you’re not always able to label. Constantly keeping things on an experimental tip, the vision of RUC was to take one step backwards soundwise to possibly push things forward. This means organic but electronic, live-sounding but programmed and earthy yet digital sonic worlds – brought out exclusively for the pleasure of hearing. Artists represented are Spinform, Boulderdash, Slyboots, Grand Nip, Mighty Kohn, Yod, Society, Pro-Seed.

The start

In may 1996, good friends Erik and Pelle decided to launch the label, as they felt there was something missing on the scene. All over they got over the most thrilling music no one bothered to release! Also, with a background as a musician and member of several bands, Erik had a wish to gain more control in the production and record release process. And for Pelle, working as graphic designer and production person in close contact with the record industry, the idea of RUC was tempting as a zone where he could experiment more freely.

They started off releasing a series of four 12-inches, closely followed up by an album release with dub-heads Pro-Seed. The releases were extremely well recieved by press and leftfield dj’s in Europe, and now the hard work started with establishing the label for real.

Next up were album and vinyl releases from Spinform, Pro-Seed and the label compilation Dying for Kredd, an album that got raving reviews throughout Europe. This is about the time when RUC got in touch with German company Artelier Music. An agreement was closed between the companies in 1998, and since then RUC is marketed and distributed by Artelier Music throughout Europe.

Furthermore, RUC has been involved in the Monolithic label, a joint venture with Primal Music. Monolithic has this far released two leftefield drum&bass compilations, Monolithic Minds and Monolithic Minds 2.


Supporters of RUC-produced music include:

John Peel, Coldcut, Jerry Dammers, Mixmag, DJ Food (Ninja Tune), Hefner (Inertia), Nik Weston (Mukatsuku), DJ Opiate (Future 3/April Recordings), Anders Bersten (DOT), MTV Party Zone, MTV Chill Out Zone, Wax Magazine, Swedish National Radio, Danish National Radio, Finnish National Radio, Norweigan National Radio, Icelandic National Radio, Neural, Feedback Monitor, XLR8R, Clair Focus (Clear, Reel), Grooves Magazine and many more…

RUC publishing

RUC Publishing offered worldwide representation for writers. The catalogue included musical work from:

Plod (Worm Interface), Darchives (Primal Music), Bauri (Pitchcadet, City Centre Offices), Dribs (Audionaut Recordings), Electromagnetic Beam (Lecitin), Spinform (RUC), Boulderdash (RUC), Slyboots (RUC), Grand Nip (RUC), Mighty Kohn (RUC), Yod (RUC), Society (RUC), Pro-Seed (RUC), Secret Operations, Cockatrice, Juicehead, Navigator, Amen (Primal Music), Andreas Tilliander.